Veterans Aid

As a veteran of the armed services of our country, you, your spouse, or a loved one faithfully served our country. Perhaps there was no incident of injury or illness during your service but now you may be at the age or stage in life where you need help with daily activities of living. As we get older things have a tendency to start breaking down and there may be the need of help getting from place to place, taking medication, going to the bathroom, dressing, eating, etc. Perhaps you are receiving care at home or in an assisted living facility.

What is the Aid and Attendance pension benefit?

This special pension benefit helps with the needs of Veterans and their surviving spouses who have disabilities that are not related to their service in the military. Veterans or their spouses may qualify for as much as $23,000 per year in Aid and Attendance pension.

How do you qualify?

A veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty with one day of the ninety during a time of war and received an other than “dishonorable discharge.” Like Medicaid there are resource and income requirements to qualify. Unlike Medicaid, there is no look back period. One of the biggest mistakes is assuming you have too much money in the bank to qualify. There are planning strategies available to help many veterans qualify.

Our veterans deserve what they are entitled to and it is important that we make them aware of what an impact Aid and Attendance pension can make in their lives. Think of what a big difference that a benefit that may pay over $1900 per month could make in helping to pay for needed care. Qualifying can be tricky and the person filling out the application on behalf of the veteran should be accredited by the Veterans Administration.

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