IRA/Retirement Account Inheritance Trust

Protect More of One of the Biggest Assets You Own—Your Retirement Account

Most people have some kind of retirement account. IRA, 401k, 403b, 457, etc. They all have the same problem in common: Income taxes! Under traditional retirement accounts every penny inside that account has never been income taxed. It will be taxed as you take money out of your account. The question is, how will you or your heirs take it out? A little at a time or all at once?

The IRS Got Friendlier

Obviously if you or your heirs take it out all at once you will have a huge tax bill! Is the IRS your friend? Many would laugh and say no! The IRS may not be your friend, but a couple years ago the IRS got a lot friendlier. A new law was passed allowing non-spouse beneficiaries to stretch-out paying the income taxes on your retirement account over their life expectancy. What does this mean? Savings of huge amounts of money. It could mean savings of tens and hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to for your family.

Avoid the Blow-Out With A IRA/Retirement Account Trust

A few years ago after the new laws passed, a new trust was created to help protect your retirement account from what we call the Blow-Out. The Blow-Out happens when your beneficiaries mess it all up by not setting up the stretch-out properly. Once it is messed up it cannot be put back together and this could mean loss of big money to your family. The IRA/Retirement Trust is designed to make sure your beneficiaries can take advantage of the stretch-out and protect it from bad things that might happen like divorce, lawsuits, creditors, etc. You should consider this kind of trust if you want to protect your retirement account and leave a lasting legacy for your family.



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